Collaborating for reflective discipleship.

Many consultants work to help churches and organizations with leadership development, congregational demographics, strategic planning, or other aspects of effective management. But some Christian communities are asking different questions, questions about who they are in Christ and how that translates into mission:

How does our congregation discern faithful identity and practice?

How can our church practice deeper biblical and theological reflection?

How does our organization develop a more profound, theologically informed vision and mission? And how do we work those out?

We're passionate about what our organization does for justice and community development, but how can we communicate our mission theologically with the wider church?

TheoLogos Partners LLC is an innovative Christian educational and consulting practice established to come alongside a variety of churches and organizations in partnership, and to provide them with the theological and developmental expertise necessary for robust--even daring--participation in God’s redemptive and renewing work in the world. In such collaboration, client and consultant become partners, TheoLogos Partners.


Have a look around.

  • About: Tells a bit more about the intent behind TheoLogos and about its owner, Brad Anderson.
  • Services: An introduction to the types of work Theologos undertakes within ecclesial, academic, and justice/developmental contexts.
  • Process: Briefly describes how TheoLogos goes about partnering with clients in particular contexts.
  • Resources: A listing of books, pamphlets, and curricula addressing a variety of issues touching on Christian discipleship today, as well as links to outside resources that are considered particularly helpful.
  • TheoLogos Blog: Delves into a variety of conversations going on within the church and theology today as well as providing news on the developing work of TheoLogos. 
  • Contact: Offers information on how to reach us with questions or to explore how TheoLogos might be able to partner with you and your church or organization toward the end of richer discipleship and flourishing.